1hz turbo 80 series

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As reliable as the 1HZ engine is, it can be broken! But this is not as simple as it seems. The trouble with the 1HZ is that it was never designed for being turbo-charged and when Toyota did build a turbo-charged version of it, they made some major changes to the piston design.

They did this because the standard pistons have very thin crowns, and what this means is that the high-pressures created by a turbo can, and in most cases will, blow a hole in the top of one of the pistons. I say in most cases because after-market turbo suppliers cannot help themselves in trying to get the most power increase so that they can boast about their achievements and sell more turbos. This has lead to blown pistons, but by then, in most cases the warranty has expired.

Overheating is another issue. Some Land Cruisers like the wagon have huge radiators, and can handle turbo-charging without problems. But the series Cruisers do not, so one has to be more careful, or add intercoolers.

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But the moment there are intercoolers and oil coolers, the entire modification begins to get over-complicated and the legendary reliability of the 1HZ begins to diminish.

Not because of the money saving but because I believe it will have the least effect on reliability, which to me is more important than the extra power being delivered. It is made by SAC. I have now run it for 40 kms, done five expeditions and no issues whatsoever. The SAC turbo is simple!

1hz turbo 80 series

And this is what I love about it. Yes, I suppose it is.

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The turbo charger is controlled by a simple spring, that opens the waste-gate at approximately 0,7-bar. Anything above 0,9-bar for long periods, the Toyota engineers tell me, will blow one of the pistons within kms for sure.

That brings me onto an addition, which surprisingly SAC does not offer, and that is an EGT exhaust gas temperature gauge that warns me when temperatures peak. Temperatures peak on long hills at high speed exaggerated by high ambient temperatures.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. HPD Turbo upgrade kits are an excellent way to gain safe and reliable power and torque for your naturally aspirated 1hz 80 series land cruiser.

Should you be wanting to run a larger turbo than comes in our standard kit you may want to upgrade you exhaust to the 3" system to allow the vehicle to breath better due to the increased volume of air the motor will now be producing. If you are wanting to run your own exhaust you can select the 'no exhaust and dump pipe' option and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

However which intercooler to choose depends on a couple of things. If you intend on towing a large load, live in a hot arid climate or decide to run a larger turbo option. Then we suggest you should run either of our series 2 intercoolers as they are bigger and capable of a larger volume of air with a higher thermal efficiency operating at these more aggressive conditions. Below is a link to the 4 intercoolers offered in this kit so you can make an informed decision on which combination is right for you.

We have found that this turbocharger compliments the characteristics of the 4.

DTS Turbo Kit Suits Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series 4.2L 1HZ

Should you be looking for a little more power, torque and performance the next set up from Garretts GT series is the new GTX Gen ii series.

These turbos move some serious air speed and are capable of running from psi all day. Not only are they capable of higher boost application but they also spool up faster, hold boost longer and have a billet compressor wheel hidden inside. They also now have the added provision for a compressor wheel speed sensor and anti surge slots meaning, Better performance across the board. NOTE: Results may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Information provided here is ment as a guide only as there are many factors that may effect overall power output.

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Land Cruiser 80 Series with 1HZ Turbo Engine @ 15 psi Boost

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1HZ turbo 80 series overheating

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Log in. Change style. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. My DIY 80 series turbo and chop.

Heads up this is a long and detailed read. There are a number of good threads out on the net for turboing the 1hz engine. Each is better than others in their own way.

I thought that I'd do a write up myself for any of those who are interested in doing as I have done.

1hz turbo 80 series

Now this build thread may take some as it's being done on a student budget by a hobbyist mechanic but I'll try to keep it up to date as I go. Once this turbo set up is complete I will be looking into doing a dual cab chop. I have added some pics below of what I had in mind.

I'm keen on any info anyone has as to how they went about doing the chop. Joined Aug 5, Messages 4, Location Colorado. Joined Aug 4, Messages Location Mississippi. So I've sourced a rebuilt 1hz boost compensated pump, it was running on an 03 1hz in a series, still researching about these pumps, does anyone know what issues I might encounter running this on my 97 1hz?

Cheers in advance!Please call Patrick. Only k on the clock and stock as the day it was made. The car is immaculate for its age. Almost pristine interior and exterior and had one careful owner for 22 years. Comes with: - Barrett clutch - TJM bullbar fitted at the dealership - full length roof rack not pictured - brand new wheel bearings - brand new rear shocks - new tyres - cold air-conditioning - service within last km - roadworthy rego t.

Toyota glx 80 series. Full sound system with dvd player and sub. Has a 1hz out of a later model series with Endless. Selling my trusty 80on the clock 1hz diesel Has rust Great old work horse but chasing a ute now Toyota landcruiser 80s series 4x4 wagon. Time to sell my 1hz turbo 80 series manual This car has done me well and has got everything you need for a camping trip or a get away l.

For sale Chopped 80 series Ute, 1HZ 4. Rear diff and gearbox replaced 60,km ago, Just had full service, all drive line oil's replaced. Tyres all about half worn, air bag rear suspension, tinted windows, UHF, reverse camera, icy cold air con.

1hz turbo 80 series

It's done a few km but it's all up to scratch. Everything works, drives great. Looking for a well looked after Series Landcruiser, 1hz and preferably a GXL, non-turbo and less than ,ks but will look at anything. Have cash and ready to spend on the right deserving car. Gday, I'm looking to buy a 1hz or 1hdt Toyota land cruiser, 80 or series.

Please show me what you've got. The car has been well looked after and serviced every kms, almost 7k was spent on the car start of last year fixing everything that needed to be done on her, have pape. Turbo 1HZ with front mount intercooler and 3in exhaust from the dump pipe back. Full size new ARB roof rack not fitted to the car yet.

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Looking for first car and have under 15k budget Message me if you have anything up for sale Must be Manual and preferably 1hz. Hey Guys, Im looking into selling my 80 Series Landcruiser. This car has had an immense amount of work done to it over the years ive owned it as I never planned on selling it. Unfortunately my partner only has an Auto license and we need to look into an Automatic Landcruiser. I'll try my best to list everything, but im bound to forget a few things. Ill categorize everything into an Accessories list and a Mechanical list, on top of those, majority of this car has been resprayed and the b.

1hz turbo 80 series

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Thread starter mtntoys Start date Dec 4, Watchers 6. I tried down shifting to 4th and running 60mph. It had the same issue. On a few hills I had to run 3rd gear and mph to keep from overheating. Keep in mind I live in eastern Pennsylvania. These are hills It seems some people have had cooling issues with turbo 1hz 70 series in hotter climates.She then followed up while we were traveling to make sure everything was going good.

Her selection of hotels was terrific. This was one of the best trips we have taken and Kolbrun is the best representative with a tour group we have used. We have just returned from a wonderful 15 day tour of Iceland planned by Nordic Visitor.

My DIY 80 series turbo and chop

Our agent's name is Alexandra. She was always responsive to the huge number of questions I asked her when planning the trip. Her patience is commendable. Once Alexandra zeroed in on my love for Puffins, and birds in general, she tailored a wonderful 12 day trip circumnavigating Iceland. We saw so much beauty in Iceland that it is difficult to describe. She also arranged fantastic places for us to stay, starting at the Center Hotel Arnarhvoll in Reykjavik.

The information and map were well documented with our route outlined in green and our hotel name and night put in orange. It was very easy to follow her suggested route and we had a full set of vouchers for each place we stayed, including a gift of the thermal pools in the Lake Myvatn area. My biggest concern was distance between places as it is difficult to plan how long we could stay in one spot before moving on. She worked the kilometers out and gave us an approximate time frame to reach the next destination.

That helped with adding or eliminating the amount of stops we could make. My only regret is having too few days in Iceland as well as several "down days" where we didn't feel like we had to move on so often. I would highly recommend this company and Alexandra. We even went to the office to meet her and everyone was so warm and hospitable. It was a fantastic trip, with so much to see and do that we would need much more time to do all the walkings and enjoy all the beautiful sceneries.

It certainly fulfilled our expectations. We booked rather late, but our travel adviser was right on top of everything and got our plans quickly in order. Our plane to Iceland arrived very late, so we were unfortunately unable to meet with her personally. She did, however, make sure we received a travel bag with an excellent personalized tour book and driving map.

Our accommodations and highlights the to see along the way were clearly marked, and we were very pleased with every place she recommended. We saw the beautiful natural features and learned the incredible history of the island along the way.

Iceland is unique - rich in natural features and culture. Almost everyone speaks English, so even though the Icelandic language was difficult, we were always able to find help. This was a fantastic trip - probably the best in natural beauty I've ever taken.

Someday, I hope to return, and I will use Nordic Visitor as my choice of travel planner. We cannot wait to return to Iceland and look forward to booking future holidays with Nordic visitor. What was excellent in this case was that we had to do very little ourselves and it was all so well organised and arranged by Alexandra. We wanted to celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary by booking an " Iceland Complete " self drive tour of the island and spent many months planning our trip with Nordic Visitor.

The young lady at NV was so helpful and friendly and arranged the most wonderful holiday - comfortable hotels or guesthouses in spectacular positions and only a few hours driving each day. Nothing was too much trouble and she made it all so easy.

NV were so professional with the mapsdetailed itinerarycell phone and lots of helpful advice. It ranks as one of the best holidays we have ever had ,arranged by quite the best travel company we have ever used. We fell in love with Iceland - we have been lucky to travel all over the world and Iceland and our golden holiday will live in our memories for ever.Reply Tom Haarlander says: This was exactly what I needed. Reply Ammar says: Great article. Reply Roger says: Steve, great post.

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